Mrs. Hawkins House

I’m Ruth and in 2017 I realised I was at the wrong end of my 30’s and broke. Spending the rest of my life fighting debt didn’t appeal to me so I took action.

Why do I Blog?

Following a painful analysis of my finances, I began a No Spend Year in August 2017. In the following year, I paid off €10,000 worth of debt on a single income.

There were several areas of household expenditure that needed attention. However, my grocery expenditure stood out as an area that was out of control. Almost every week I was throwing away food but once I’d written a budget I had a stark realisation.

I had €10,000 in debt to tackle and there was money being thrown in the bin.

The concept of frugal food became a near obsession to me during my No spend Year. I learned to manage my kitchen more proactively and less wastefully. As a result I could channel my savings towards things I valued. I have continued to live frugally since my No Spend Year. In 2020 I decided to share my way of life on Instagram and through my blog.

If this sounds like something that interests you, please join me on Instagram for daily frugal living and budgeting tips.